Bookish Wax Melts - Ripper of Whitechapel

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These wax melts inspired by the famous serial killer jack the ripper, are scented of bergamot, tea, oud, musk, and menace. 


Our wax melts come in four large square melts, wrapped in wax paper, to eliminate plastic use.
Candle Wax Melts
100% Soy Wax
Each candle is carefully hand-poured and made to order, so please allow 3-5 business days for processing before they are mailed out.

In order to get the most from your candles and to ensure safety as well as satisfaction please be sure to follow these guidelines:
-Be sure to burn your candle for no more than a few hours at a time.
-Please never leave your candle or wax melts unattended, and keep it out of reach from children and pets.
-Burn candle on a non-flammable surface, and away from drafts and any foreign objects.
-Please do not move a candle while burning or while the wax is hot.